Sunday, July 21, 2013

32 Already?

At our house, presents can't wait!  When we have a special occasion we have to do presents for it as soon as everyone is awake!  My birthday this year was no exception and Jason decided that we needed pictures of it!  So, here they are, pajamas and all!  This year I knew nothing about my birthday.  All I knew was that my mom was coming to spend the day with me and we were going to hang out at our pool.  However, my presents told me something different!  I had to open them in order and this is what I found... 

Hilton Head Island!!!  Jason and I left Thursday morning and got home this afternoon.  He had it all planned that my mom would stay with the kids and we would go to HHI to this beautiful resort!  We had the best time!  It was so nice and relaxing and the resort was magnificent!  Jason totally surprised me as only his planning skills can, prepared for the kids and all I had to do was pack for myself!  It was a fabulous birthday!  Thank you Mom for watching the kids and having everything done when we got home even dinner cooked for us tonight and thank you Jason for a relaxing get-a-way!  

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Tank said...

Glad ya'll had fun!