Sunday, July 21, 2013

Building Baby Jessie's Bear

Each one of our kids has a bear that we made them with their very own heartbeat in it.  I buy the recorder and take it to the doctor with me and record their heartbeat and then we go as a family and build a bear for the baby.  None of the bears ever wear clothes because we don't find out if the bear should wear girl clothes or boy clothes.  Here was our day at Build-A-Bear building this precious bear for our newest addition coming soon, Baby Jessie!  (We just call it Jessie because it is gender neutral!  McKenzie was Pat and Landon was Sam!)
 Here is the bear that we decided on.
 Time for a heart and a little stuffing!
 Landon loved the stuffing machine!
 McKenzie got to push the peddle with her foot to stuff the bear.
 Landon got to check the bear to make sure that it felt just perfect!
 McKenzie put in the heart and helped tie it up.
 Bath time for the bear!
 Now it was time to work on the birth certificate.  Daddy did this part!
Here we are with our new bear, Jessie!  Only 41 more days until Jessie is due!  We can't wait to see if Jessie is a boy or a girl!

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Tank said...

Exciting stuff! Won't be long now, I'm just sad I won't be there... stink!