Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sky View

Last Friday, we went to ride Sky View. It is the new Ferris Wheel in Atlanta. It has just arrived here and will be staying for a while. It travels around. It is 200 feet high and is the 3rd largest in the world, they told us. You ride in these air conditioned box cars. It is so nice and was really fun!  The ride lasted 15 minutes and we went around 5 times.  Landon and McKenzie loved it! McKenzie loves to ride on a Ferris Wheel but it was Landon's first time. He just looked out the windows and did not want to get off. It was a really fun family outing!

The views were gorgeous!  This was CNN in the background.
Centennial Olympic Park
Georgia Aquarium
MG just couldn't get enough of the views!

Here is an up close picture of the cars you ride in.  They hold 6-8 people each.  There are 42 cars on the entire Ferris Wheel.  There is a VIP car that is black and say VIP on it.  It has a glass bottom and a TV monitor inside.  Also, if you buy the VIP tickets your ride is twice as long.

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Tank said...

Cool! I wanna go at Christmas!