Monday, May 24, 2010

A Day of Many Firsts...

Today was a day of many firsts for us! McKenzie had her very first end of the year party! She got a diploma and everything! It was a fun little party that her teachers had. They gave each one of the kids a blue bag with their name monogrammed on it and filled full of fun stuff to play with outside this summer. McKenzie is really going to miss her friends and sweet teachers over the summer.

When we got home today from school McKenzie said she needed to go potty. So, I rushed her to the bathroom and she pooped! I was so proud of her! She got four M&M's for that one! She has been doing really well for the most part with potty training but today was the first poop!

Then it was off to take a nap. MG did not want to nap today. I guess I got her too excited over pooping in the potty to get her to settle back down. I left her up in her crib for a while hoping she would nap, but she never did. All of a sudden her alarm went off. I went upstairs and sure worst nightmare had come true...she was STANDING on the other side of the door. YES, she had climbed out of her crib all by herself. She was so proud of herself for doing such, just smiling ear to ear! Baxter came into her room right after me and McKenzie told him she had a nice nap! I almost fell on the floor. I corrected her very quickly that she had NOT napped at all! Too funny!

After the NO nap afternoon, I decided that she might as well go swimming. So here she is with her new hat and cover up on! She looks so old!

After no nap today, MG was in an awful mood. Jason took her and Baxter for a walk while I got dinner ready. When they returned this is what I saw.

I carried her into the house and laid her on the couch. That was the first time she has ever slept on the couch. She never just gives up and goes to sleep. She would not have this time either if she did not fall asleep on the walk.
Jason got my attention and motioned for me to look at the couch. This is what we saw...Baxter had snuggled up with her on the couch all by himself. It was precious!

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Tank said...

this is one of my favorite posts ever. What an amazing day of firsts! Your lives are forever changed!