Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is It Really That Easy?

Tuesday, McKenzie started to take interest in her little potty again. So, all day long we took her diaper on and off and she went in her potty! Yesterday, Jason and I went while she was in school and bought her some pull ups. We can't even believe that she is old enough for them. However, she loves them! I put one on her yesterday after school and she was dry the rest of the day, even through a 3 hour nap! I was so proud of her! Today we had a playdate and McKenzie told me that she wanted to take her potty to our playdate and wear a pull up instead of a diaper. She has kept it dry the entire day! I just can't believe that it was that easy! I was not even going to start this process until we were back from our trips at the end of June.

The funny part is though that MG gets two M&M's every time she goes in her potty. Last night when we put her to bed it was about 20 minutes and she started to scream that she needed to go potty. I ran upstairs and she sat and sat and sat on the potty, and nothing. She just thought I would give her M&M's for trying. However, she did not get them, so then she played that game two more times last night. I am not sure how to do nighttime potty training. If she really has to go then I want her to be able to go, but she has to understand that it is not a game. Any suggestions or ideas? Let me know! But, so far, so good! It has truly been a breeze! I am not getting rid of the diapers yet though!

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Tank said...

She is so smart! I want some M&M's! Haha. Love y'all.