Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! What a wonderful day I have had! Jason did the honors of waking up McKenzie for church today! She is NOT a morning person! So, that was a big treat! We then did presents and McKenzie and Jason went shopping just for me. She picked out this precious necklace that has two interlocking hearts on it and it says Mother and Daughter...friends forever! I told Jason I will hold onto this one and wear it when she is 14! MG also picked out some wash clothes with scrubbers on them and some flip flop place mats for me. I also got the sweetest card, Minnie Mouse, that you can almost not even see for all of McKenzie's sweet writings or maybe scribbles! I had nursery at church today so Jason helped me with that so that I was not alone. (Not his favorite thing to do, but her offered to help!) After McKenzie wakes up from her nap we are heading out to eat dinner! It has been the most wonderful day and very relaxing and stress free! I even cheated and had a Code Red Mountain Dew for lunch! I never drink that stuff but I really like it so I splurged!

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom also! Amber told me..."That all good daughters go home to see their moms on Mother's Day!" Sorry I did not come home Mom! Amber is a better daughter, she went to see her Mama! Amber is always such a joker and that is why I love her so much! She too is a wonderful mother! Our sweet Tater is so lucky! Both my Mom and Amber have so much going on! They are so busy and still make everything happen! They are two truly amazing moms! I love you both so much!

Last Wednesday, I was treated like a queen! McKenzie's class at school had a Mother's Day party. It was so sweet. The silverware was all wrapped up, there was a hug and kiss on every plate, and the cupcakes we so amazingly cute! Their teachers had them make us a book and a hand towel! It was such a nice party and I just felt so special when I left there. MG's school is so much fun. She loves it and I am so sad for her that she only has a few weeks left and it is already over. I can't believe she has almost finished her first year of school! Below are some pictures from the party!

Andrew and McKenzie (There are only 4 total in her class but only 2 were there last Wed.!)

My hug and kiss!

MG LOVED the cupcake

Check out the cupcakes! They are marshmallow flowers with sprinkles on them and an M&M in the middle! What a great idea!

MG and Me

McKenzie ate her chocolate and then came to my plate and ate mine too!

I love this picture! What a face!

The last one eating...again!

My hand towel present! I just LOVE it! Then her little thumb print ladybug!

My sweet book!

The inside of my book!

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Tank said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful day. You deserve it! I CANNOT wait to spent QT with y'all in August!!!