Monday, May 3, 2010

Down on the Farm

Last week we spent a few days down on the farm in Madison! Jason was in Dallas for work last week and Mom was on Spring Break, so we went to play! Papa T was on the road driving as Kenzie says until Friday morning.

Thursday we went to the farm where Uncle Steve works and saw him driving the big tractor. McKenzie thought that was great! Mom and I took her to the barn and we say the calves. McKenzie was so different with the calves then I was when I was little. I was of course around them from the day I was born. However, not MG. Our neighborhood only allows dogs and cats! McKenzie was a bit afraid of them. It was her first time seeing a calf though so I guess that is understandable! Just funny to see how different environments produce different results.

Nana dryer MG's hair for the first time with a hair dryer! Nana loved drying MG's hair with the hair dryer and MG loved it too! When Papa T got home on Friday McKenzie had to have a ride on the lawn mower! She loves to ride on the lawn mower with Papa. They also had to sit on the porch a while!

While at the farm McKenzie was taught how to put candy in her pocket so she could eat it whenever she wanted some. It was so funny watching her try to dig it out of her pocket to eat. She would forget it was there and then all of sudden remember and she would go for that pocket. It was hilarious!
1st hair drying experience!

Riding on the lawn mower with Papa T!


I love this!

She remember her candy hearts! Digging in her pocket to get them out!

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Tank said...

Glad y'all could head to the farm! Kenzie will still have some farm girl in her even with growing up in D'ville!