Wednesday, November 17, 2010

McKenzie's Thanksgiving Feast

Today was McKenzie's Thanksgiving Feast at her school. It was truly a feast. Every child was to bring in their favorite snack. There was so much food! All the kids had made these precious Indian shirts and headdresses. They all looked adorable! McKenzie decided that she did not want to wear her headdress anymore and seemed to make it vanish. When it was time to go, her headdress was no where to be found. When I asked her where it was, she went right over to a cupboard and opened it up and there it was! She did not want to wear it so had put it up! Too funny! MG did much better at her party today! She had a great time and listened to her teachers! After snack was over the kids did a sicker activity. That was right up McKenzie's alley! She LOVES stickers! It was a really fun Thanksgiving Party!

The little Indians!

All the Indians together!

McKenzie being silly and her friend helping her to see!


Sticker time!

More stickers, please!

The last one, still doing stickers!

MG's precious place mat!

Sweet turkey hand print and poem

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Tank said...

McKenzie is so smart! Glad she had fun.