Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12th...All Ready?

Wow! How this month is already flying by! We have been so busy but nothing real exciting! Jason was out of town all last week for work. McKenzie and I hung out at home. We stayed very busy, my cousin Brittany flew down for the weekend and I had a jewelry party. That was very fun! It was great to see Brittany! On Sunday of this week, Jason's Aunt, Tanta Nana came to visit us on her way to see her family in the mountains. She ended up staying until Tuesday which was really fun because when MG was in school on Monday we went shopping! We had a great time! Then we went to lunch! It was too much for MG after school, she was not very good! Yesterday, for Veteran's Day we had a play date with the Slocumb boys! We went to the indoor playground and the kids all had a ball. It was so fun to hang out with them! Last night we took Maggie, Jason's helper at the office, to dinner for Veteran's Day. She was in the Navy! That was really fun! Maggie is a blast! So, we have been really busy but not much to blog about! We hope you all have a great weekend! McKenzie and I are off to Madison in the morning to have her pictures taken with Santa! I am so excited because it is the most beautiful Santa! I am hoping she sits nicely on his lap this year. Time will tell. I am sure that will generate a blog post! Happy Weekend!

Pictures from our play date on Thursday!
MG with the dress up shoes!

Braden climbed up on this table all by himself! He is getting so strong!

Brock and MG

Precious Brock!

Goooooooo Braden! He went down the big slide all by himself!

MG liked to go on her tummy!

Yes, it was a big slide!

Goooooooooooo MG!

Brock's turn!

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Tank said...

I know, where is the time going? I'm coming home in a little over four weeks! I am glad y'all are doing great and enjoying life. Great post!