Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Can you believe how much she has grown?

Happy Halloween! Tonight was our Trunk-a-Treat at church. We had tons of kids. It is our biggest outreach project of the year, averaging between 8,000 and 10,000 kids. Tonight they were saying was the biggest it has ever been. It was amazing! The kids of the church got to trick or treat first. Every stop that we came to McKenzie would say, "Happy Halloween!" It was so precious! Then she would open her bag for the candy. She got really good by the end of it. We made our round and then we passed out candy with our Life Group. We had a great turn out there! It was really, really fun!

A small part of our group...Beth, Chris, MG, Jason, and Mark

Chris built this funky fort! He builds them for a living and they are like giant play houses! This was just the front of a fort but super, super cool!

McKenzie with her nerds!

Jace the bat and McKenzie the cupcake!

Mommy and McKenzie! We never have any pictures together because I am always taking them!

Willy Wonka the Chocolate was amazing!

They even danced!

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