Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween...Mossybrook Style

Today was day full of trick or treating! We started off in the town where Jason's office is and did trick or treating there. Jason and his assistant, Maggie were passing out candy. It was so fun to see him at his little booth. He looked so cute passing out candy and they both did a great job! From there we came home for a few minutes and then it was time to go out trick or treating around our neighborhood. We went to a few houses and then we stopped off at our next door neighbors house for a Halloween Party! It was really fun! They have Brunswick stew that every year that Jason talks about all year long! (I don't make that!) Then there is always a big reveal of what the neighbors are going to be! They dress up every year and this year was nothing short of an absolutely awesome pull off! Every year it just keeps getting better. It is always a huge secret and everyone wants to know what they are going to be! You will just have to look at the pictures below to understand! Happy Halloween!

Headed out trick or treating...MG had to stop off at our house first and get a sucker for the trip!

Our little cupcake!

My graveyard dirt cake!

Precious cupcake!

Waiting on the big reveal!!!
What will they be???

Oh My Gosh...Oprah and Gayle! Yes, they are even colored!



Then...they brought out Tom Cruise!

Oprah, Tom, and Gayle

Then they brought out...Lisa Ling!!!

And...last but not least...Dr. Oz!!!

Gayle and Oprah...way to go!
It was a very fun night to say the least!

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