Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nurse Maid's Elbow

Last night as we were leaving for church, Jason was holding MG's hand walking toward the car. For some reason McKenzie decided to fall to the ground without letting go of Jason's hand. He heard a pop and she started screaming. She cried most of the way to church but stopped before we got there. I took her to her class and told her teacher what happened. I wanted to see what she would do in class, if she would just forget about it and play or if it really still hurt. So about half way through church last night, the preschool director came and got me. She said that MG had not used her arm at all. So off we went to the urgent care. The doctor that we saw was so nice! I loved him. He played with McKenzie's doll and everything trying to get her to use her arm. He diagnosed her with nurse maid's elbow. That is where the elbow pops out of joint and stretches the ligaments in her arm. It is very common in children because their mussels are not very strong yet. However, it is very painful and sore afterwards. This morning she did not want to do anything but rock and just complained that her arm hurt still. However, this afternoon she woke up from a great nap and announced that her arm no longer hurts. She has begun to use it again! Never a dull moment here!

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Tank said...

I am so glad she is doing better. Kenzie is tough!