Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Braden

Yesterday was Braden's 1st birthday party! He turned one on Friday and we all celebrated Saturday. Braden is the son of Brad and Brooke, our really great friends. Brooke threw a fabulous football party for their lil' quarterback! Everyone was supposed to dress in their favorite sporting attire. We were the only UGA fans there. Everyone else was Auburn! We had a delicious BBQ lunch and wonderful cake for dessert! Braden was not that into making a mess with his cake. I think that he was in shock that it was all his and he could touch it! He was so sweet like he always is and just went with the flow. We had a great time and as always it was great to hang out with our friends! Happy 1st Birthday sweet baby Braden! We love you!

Snacks first!

Brooke made these delicious pretzels!

Braden's precious invitation

All the kids got balloons on the way out!

Cupcakes for the kids

Braden's cake!

This cake looked just like the napkins they had...adorable and delicious!

McKenzie- our little UGA Cheerleader!

Braden even had matching shoes...Auburn colors!

The birthday boy!

Brock- the handsome big brother

The littlest War Eagle!

Jumpin' in the jumper!

The precious Slocumb Family

Dig in boy!

Not quite sure...

Oh yeah...both hands!


A little help!

MG in the firetruck car

Our little UGA family

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The Slocumb Family said...

Love it! I cannot wait to get these pics : ) Thanks, friend!!!