Wednesday, October 20, 2010

5th Anniversary, Vegas Style

The Famous Sign...and yes, a couple was about to get married at the sign when we were there taking out pictures! They will have the same anniversary as us!

What a great time we had in Las Vegas! It was really fun to hang out with Brad and Brooke. When we landed at the airport, Jason and Brad had arranged a limo to take us to our hotels! It was really fun! Brad and Brooke have been to Vegas several times before so it was fun having our own personal tour guides! The first day there we walked and looked at all the hotels, which are amazing! One is bigger and better than the next! We also got to take a gondola ride which was actually inside our hotel and see The Lion King. Hans down, the best performance I have ever seen! We celebrated our 5th anniversary on Friday and it was Brooke's birthday on Saturday! We ate at great restaurants along the way! Jason and I also went to a wax museum where we saw lots of celebrities made of wax! It was very fun! Brad got us a car and we drove to Hoover Dam. That was amazing. We got to see the new bridge they is about to open up. It was a very cool experience. It was an awesome trip but as always, it was great to get home to our little MG!

The water show outside of the Bellagio...Jason's favorite part of the entire trip!

New York, New York


The Venetian...our hotel

The lions at MGM


M&M World...very cool!

Hoover Dam

The new bridge

Jason and Brittany

Julia and me

Jason and the Kennedy's


Our limo to the hotel

Our driver waiting for us!

Brad and Brooke on the gondola ride!

Jason and me

Inside Encore...beautiful!

The inside of the Bellagio

This lady is made completely of chocolate!

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Tank said...

glad y'all had fun. I thought those people were real at first!