Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Food Fears

Last night at supper club there was a huge event! We all faced our food fears! It was so much fun! Heider went first. He eats nothing and I mean nothing green. So he had to eat broccoli, and yes it was covered in cheese! Very yummy to me! Next went Katie. She has not eaten a hotdog since 5th grade. That was years ago. So, she ate a corn nugget. Yes, it was covered in batter and fried! Lobello went next. She has not eaten pork or beef in 15 years. She stopped eating it thinking she was going to be "healthier" and never ate it again...until last night! She ate pork loin and yes, it was covered in a syrup sauce. I had to eat turnip greens. Guess what, they were not covered in anything. They smelled awful and guess what...they tasted AWFUL too! Jason did not have to try anything because he does not have any food fears. He will try anything once. McKenzie was the cheerleader for all of us! It was really fun to face a fear and be able to say, I have tried it and I just don't like it. That just sounds better to me than, I have never tried it! Lobello is defiantly the winner though. She ate most of her piece of pork. And...she LIKED it!! Next time she will be trying beef!

Dinner is served!

Heider is first with broccoli!

The bite!

The after face...he did not like it very much!

Katie and her corn nugget!

She did not like it either!

Lobello showing off her bite of pork...she was ready!

Chewing, chewing, chewing!

Gone and a smile too! She liked it!

McKenzie cheering us on!


Yea! You can do it!

Turnip greens on the fork...

in the mouth...and it was all I could do to swallow that mess. It was so gross! Heider was brave too and tried them also! He hated them too!

After we all faced out fears we had a delicioud Publix cake to eat! It is a bit of a joke as well. Lobello does not eat beef, well not yet, and Heider does not eat tomatoes or onions and neiter do I. So, there we faced another fear!

Katie even had our names put on it!

Such a fun night!


Amber said...

I think you should have cooked a NY dog - who wouldn't LOVE that?

Tank said...

y'all crack me up. can't wait till supper club in december!