Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Young Harris with Jason's family. We went on Wednesday and came home today. We had a very nice visit. On Wednesday, Jason and I went to his grandparents house to set up their Christmas tree. It is always so much fun to watch Jason set up a tree. His eye for perfection make a Christmas tree so beautiful! It always looks so nice when we get done putting it up and his grandparents really enjoy it. We like to talk to them while we do it and learn of days past. It is really fun! Thanksgiving day was great. We had turkey and ham. Everything was delicious and there were plenty of leftovers for grazing on later! We had to get up early this morning and head for home. I had clothes to wash and we have to repack quickly, no Black Friday shopping this year.

We are so excited to leave for Walt Disney World in the morning! We are taking McKenzie for the first time. It should be awesome! McKenzie is really into stickers these days so we have bought some stickers for her to play with in hopes that it will help pass the 8 hours in the car! She is great traveler so it should be fine! I just can't wait to see her face when we finally get there! She has been asking everyday for a month if we are going today!

Riding on Daddy's back!

This is MG's new thing...every time I want to take a picture she turns her Daddy decided to do it too!

Thanksgiving dinner

Grandaddy, Granny (Keith's Parents), Grandma, and Grandpa (Kathy's Parents)

Jared...on Baxter duty! No pumpkin pie this year for Baxter!

Sunday, is Kathy's birthday so Keith surprised her with a cake after we finished eating!

McKenzie helped Grandma blow out the candles!

Great-Grandma and McKenzie

Grandaddy, Baxter, MG (in the dress Kathy made!), and Granny

Granny and Grandaddy brought stickers for McKenzie and look where they all ended up...on our pants!

Grandma, McKenzie, and Grandpa

Gingerbread houses at Brasstown Valley

The Gingerbread tunnel for the train

A really fun candy tree!

The Gingerbread Train

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