Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Megan's Bake Shop

I love to watch the show Cake Boss. The cakes that Carlo's Bake Shop makes are absolutely amazing! I would LOVE to work there! Every time I watch that show I just dream of owning a bakery. So, yesterday I made a few cakes and just pretended that I was Buddy! However, it was not so easy with a two year old! Jason is teaching Financial Peace University at our church. Tonight is the last night. He always buys a cake for his last class but this time I made it. It is not as professional as store bought but here is my credit card cake!

Last night at Supper Club we celebrated Katie! She had her final presentation to graduate last Saturday and did a wonderful job! She will be graduating on December 11th with her Specialist Degree! We are so proud of her! So, I made her favorite dessert, well kind of. Pumpkin anything is Katie's, I made her a pumpkin cheesecake! I am so excited about this cheesecake because it is the first one I have ever made that did not crack right down the middle! It was a fun night celebrating Katie!

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Tank said...

You are so talented! Looks great and I bet it tastes better than a store bought!