Saturday, December 4, 2010

Walt Disney World

We had a blast at Disney! It was so much fun! We left on Saturday morning and come home on Wednesday. McKenzie did so good in the car! We bought her a sticker book and it was the golden ticket! She LOVES stickers!

MG loved seeing Mickey and the other characters that we were able to see. The characters don't just walk around anymore like they used to so it was hard to catch them. We went to Mickey's Christmas Party, that was honestly not very good. However, the Osborn light show at Hollywood Studios was Amazing!

We also went to Animal Kingdom and the Safari ride was really neat! It was like driving through a fabulous zoo! McKenzie loved that! Here favorite ride was the carousal!

We did not stay at a Disney Resort. Jason found us another Resort 5 miles away from Disney. We pulled in and to my great surprise there was an outlet mall in our parking out. It was so much fun! During nap time while Jason had to do some work, I went shopping! Great place to stay!

The car ride!

We made it!

Animal Kingdom

We did Animal Kingdom first thing Sunday morning and the had Mickey's Christmas Party that night.

When we first got to the Animal Kingdom Mickey and Minnie pulled up in a parade!

Watching the parade!

So sweet!

All McKenzie kept saying was how she wanted to hug Mickey! We never thought she really would...but, she did!

MG did not have the same love for Goofy as she did for Mickey!
Mickey's Christmas Party

This sign meant free cookies, hot cocoa, and apple juice!

The Magic Kingdom

MG in her Minnie outfit

Her very favorite ride!

Too much Magic Kingdom

There was a fabulous band playing all Christmas Carols!

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Outside the Toy Story ride...way cool!

Honey, I shrunk the kids playground

Over 5,000,000 lights! The best light show ever!

Our Resort

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Tank said...

Wow! I couldn't wait to see these pictures. McKenzie looks like she had a blast! So glad you have a great trip. Can't wait to see y'all a week from today!