Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas At The Mill

Saturday night, was Christmas at The Mill. The Mill is an open ampatheater in the town where Jason's office is. He and Maggie set up a booth and gave away a basket full of Dave Ramsey goodies and several other books. Just look at Jason's tent. You know it...he went all out with lights and garland! It looked great! He and Maggie had to get on stage for the big give-a-way and they did such a great job! All of the businesses were in town were supposed to pull together and sponsor Santa. However, Jason was the only one who did it, and McKenzie would not even sit on his lap. It was so sad! It was a great time though and Jason and Maggie did the best job!

The decorated booth

Maggie and Jason


The tags on the presents

Jason and Maggie and the big give-a-way!

The Grand Prize!

She was so happy to be the winner and so cute!

McKenzie was after the candy bowl!

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Tank said...

That's Jason, going all out when no one else will! SO great. Glad y'all had a good time.