Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Supper Club Christmas

Last night we had our Supper Club Christmas. We had a turkey dinner with all the fixings! It was delicious and everyone brought something. After dinner we opened our presents. Let me rephrase that, McKenzie opened our presents! She would ask who the present was for and then take it to that person and sit by them. She would open the present and then hand them whatever it was. When she was done with that one, she would open up another one for someone else. It was really cute to watch if I say so myself! It was a really fun Christmas party with a very special guest this year. Uncle Jeffrey flew in from Norway last night. After dinner, Jason, Eric, and Lobello went the airport. Katie, MG and I stayed home. When they returned we opened presents! It was so good to see Jeff again. He has been serving in Norway since August. He looks great and loves living there! We are so happy that he is home for Christmas!
Katie's Red Velvet Cake!

Lobello making Jeff a plate when he arrived!

Hi Hi with his favorite dessert ever...oh wait...Red velvet cake is your favorite...maybe next time you will be nicer to Katie!

All of our Supper Club presents!

Hanging out before presents! Jeff had to eat, he was starving!

Katie's present!

Hi Hi's present!

Lo Lo's present!

My present!

Lo Lo again!

McKenzie's present!

This present is for McKenzie from Hi Hi...a baby UGA! It is so cute and McKenzie has not put it down yet. It even rode with us to school today and when she got out she put UGA in her car seat and covered him up so that he would not be could during school. Precious!

Hugging UGA

Daddy's present!

MG and her play-doh food kit!

We can really trash a room...and it was so much fun!

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