Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Old Navy

This afternoon we went to the mall. When we walked into Old Navy today McKenzie walked right up to the girl on the end and grabbed her hands and said, "What's your name?" McKenzie kept asking, like she was going to talk back. I tried to explain to her that these people were not real and they would not, hopefully be talking back to us! So, we went about our shopping with no other mention of it. On our way out, she runs up to the mannequins and grabs the hand of the little girl in the center and just starts talking to her. They MG had to pet the dog. We were so lucky that Jeffrey had his camera. It was hilarious to watch. We took a few quick pictures and then left quickly! The workers were starting to give us strange looks. What a funny moment!

Can you find McKenzie?

MG and her BFF!

Just posing!

A few quick pets for the dog!

Still holding hands!

Another family shot!

She rode with the vet after leaving her family behind at Old Navy!


Tank said...

Ja! So glad I was with for such a great day!

Laura said...

How cute is that! I think Old Navy should hire her for their commercials!