Sunday, July 17, 2011

30 is Great!

Well, well, well...Ta Da! Today I turn 30! However, last night was just one big surprise after the next! I had asked that our Supper Club go to dinner for my birthday last night. I was under the impression that was all that was going on. Well, then a limo pulls up to drive us all to dinner. Yes, McKenzie went too! Car seat and all! She was so excited! She kept saying, "Mommy, this is so fun!" Which it was! Katie even thought far enough ahead to pack a bottle of sparkling grape juice! When we arrived at the restaurant we were ushered right to the back where Jason has an entire room of people waiting for us. SURPRISE!!! It was so fun! At that point my Dad was there too and took McKenzie back to Brian and Amber's house for the night where they were staying with the boys. (Katie had packed McKenzie an overnight bag when I was getting ready and slipped it into the limo trunk without my knowledge at all. Sneaky!) So the meal was absolutely delicious! Everyone enjoyed it! After dinner we brought the limo back home and were in by 9:30! (My kind of planning, especially these days with my growing belly!)

When we got home Jason told me that we needed to get up really early so we needed to go to bed. I asked him how early and he said we were leaving the house at 5:45. That meant I was getting up this morning at 4:45. I had no idea where we were going or what we were about to do. It was still dark when we left the house this morning. When we arrive in a nearby town, waiting for us was a truck and trailer hauling a hot air balloon!!! I have always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon. However, this morning the weather was not right for a guaranteed smooth landing and me being pregnant there was no chance of risk. So, we did not get to fly this morning but have rescheduled for next weekend! (I will for sure blog about it then!) The rest of the day will be spent at Brian and Amber's house! We will be celebrating my 30th birthday as well as Dad's 57th! Yes, today is his birthday too! Happy Birthday Dad! So all I can say about 30 so far is AWESOME!

Our limo!

McKenzie riding in the limo! What 3 year old gets to do this? She loved every minute of it and even said that when baby Sam is born he/she needs to ride in a limo too!

Heider and Lobello!

Katie and Me!

The toast...and boy was that sparkling grape juice was good! Way to go Katie!

McKenzie loved it!

Mike, Christy, and Chris

Our menu...Jaosn picked all my favorites!

Yes, the picture behind us is me!

Auntie Amber

Super Club is always monograming something!

Scary Lobello and Heider

The group!

Yes, pictures of me at all ages!

I made a good wish!

The whole gang!

Katie made me wear it!

Heider was in charge of all the balloons on the ride home!

Heading home with 90s weekend playin'!

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