Sunday, July 17, 2011

This Day Just Keeps Getting Better...

After such an eventful morning of going to ride in a hot air balloon but not getting to, we headed to Brian and Amber's house for lunch! We had a blast! It was so great to have Dad with us on his birthday today too! There have been several years where we have not been together on our birthday because he has been on the road or I have been out of town. So, today was very special! We were all together!

Tate and McKenzie still LOVE each other so much! I hope it stays that way always. They are so cute together. Playing one minute and fighting the next just like siblings! Kenzie had a great time spending the night with Tate last night. They did not sleep much but sometimes having fun is more important! Tucker is precious! He just lets anyone hold him and he just looks around. He did not make a peep the entire time we were there. He has the best smiles too but unfortunately I never had my camera at the right time for one today. He is now just over 17 pounds at 3 1/2 months! He is just solid and so fun to hold and cuddle with. He is truly such a great baby. Every time I hold him it makes me just want our little Sam now! However, I know I must continue to wait a while longer.

It has been a wonderful 24 hours of 30th birthday celebrations for me. Jason went way over the top for this and put so much time into planning the perfect birthday for me. It was wonderful! He sure is a keeper!

Just the guys...then McKenzie stepped in!

I love this one because Tucker is looking too!

These kiddos love black olives!

Ready to eat!

Getting ready to sing...

Sweet Tucker slept the entire time we ate. What a great kid! I hope Sam is taking lessons

Look at how well he sits in his seat and holds up his head!

All three...poor Tucker he does not like this much!

All three again and look at Tucker's face this time...It is like he is saying..."Really thought this was a good idea to put me in the middle of these two?"

34 weeks today...42 more days to go!

Me and my Daddy! Happy Birthday Dad!

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Laura said...

So glad you had such a great 30th b-day! Jason did a fabulous job planning it out! And how nice you and your dad got to be together too. My dad and I share a birthday, so I know what that's like!