Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Sam...Boy or Girl?

Today we went shopping for baby Sam! When Jason and I were expecting McKenzie we had so much fun picking out a boy outfit and a girl outfit to take to the hospital with us for the trip home. However, today McKenzie had just as much fun picking out outfits! She was so excited! New clothes makes the whole idea of a new baby even more real for her. We picked out two outfits for a boy and two outfits for a girl! Now if only we could pick names as easily! We have the boys name but the girls name is undecided.

Bom, my grandma is saying a girl! That would not be such a big deal except she has been correct 3 out of 3 times so far. She called Tate as a boy when everyone said girl and she called McKenzie a girl when everyone else said boy. Tucker was the same. She said boy and he was a boy when everyone was positive he would be a girl. So, I am so excited to see...if we have another girl! This time around I have no feeling either way other than the fact that this pregnancy has been so different from McKenzie's. That is the only reason I might say boy. However, when I was pregnant with McKenzie I dreamed about a little boy all the time. I had seen his sweet face and played with him. Jason and I just knew it was going to be a boy! When she was born it was a total shock! So, we can hardly wait until the end of August to see what our little blessing will be!

The boy outfits!


Backs! I love the outfits with prints on the rears!

The girl outfits!


The backs!

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Tank said...

I can't wait to find out either! Really hoping I'll make it home in time.