Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Bag Lady

McKenzie has become obsessed with putting her toys/dolls into containers, strollers, shopping carts, bags, containers, etc. She likes to see how many she can fit in and still close the object holding the goods. This morning she began to fill her stroller. She filled it higher, and higher, and higher! (She gave me me very strict instructions not to go close to the stroller because my belly would knock it over! It was hilarious! I laughed right out loud!) Then when one animal or doll would fall off that would lead to two and three and so on. Before long she was crying out of frustration because she does not understand that her little stroller can only hold so much. After several stuffed animals and dolls fell out of the stroller this morning she got so mad she just pushed the entire stroller over and they all fell out! So then we many objects do you think she fit into this stroller? The answer...37! Yes, 37 different stuffed animals and dolls we in the stroller this morning!

So proud of herself!

All 37 amimals and dolls!

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Tank said...

There is never a boring moment with Kenzie!