Friday, July 1, 2011

The Beach

We got back today from our beach vacation. We had a great time! McKenzie decided while we were there that she no longer wanted to wear her swimmies. She could walk in one of the pools it being 3 feet deep. However, the other pool was 3.5 feet deep in the shallow end and she could not understand why she couldn't walk in that pool. She is now jumping into the pool all by herself, with her swimmies on. She loves the water and I love that!

The beach was gorgeous! The water so clear every day that you could walk way out and see straight to the bottom. The flag was red for two days so we had to be really careful then. McKenzie loved riding the waves with Jason on the raft. She also still has a huge love for shells and found a ton of them. Jason and McKenzie both found their first sand dollars this trip! It was a very exciting day!

We got up very early to drive home today leaving at 4 am. We thought that MG would sleep and that would make the ride much shorter for her. However, she never closed her eyes, saying that she did not like to sleep! That is for sure! The weather was great and we had a fabulous little family trip!

No swimmies!!!

MG in the kiddie pool!

McKenzie's first sand dollar!

She was so excited!

We went to Pier Park one night. McKenzie is holding up her ticket to ride the farris wheel!

The airplanes!


This is my favorite part...the BEST ice cream in the entire world!

McKenzie started this off by wanting to have her feet buried in the sand. Then it lead to her knees, legs, and then...she wanted to lay down and cover her entire was really funny! She loved it!

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Tank said...

Loved the pictures! Can't wait to see you guys NEXT month!