Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ball, Ball, Ball

What a day! Today, since it is raining again here we decided that we would go and shop prices for a play set for McKenzie's 2nd birthday. We have several friends who have play set in their backyards and MG loves to play on them. We have nothing really for her to do in our backyard and our poor girl loves to be outside! So, for her birthday that is what Jason and I are going to get her. Jason, being the thrifty shopper that he is...looked on Craig's list this morning and found a "new looking" play set that someone in our town was selling for a really good price. So he contacted them and we could go and look at it today after 2. So, before we met with them we went to Toys R Us just to price a new one. Which by the way a new one was over double what Craig's List guy wanted. Anyways, back to Toys R Us. So, I have to go to the bathroom while we are there so I left MG with Jason. When I came back to them she was holding a set of two balls in her hand. Jason went to check out and I was headed to the car with MG. We get just outside the store and McKenzie says, ball, ball, ball...I look down and she is still holding those balls that she had picked up. OH MY GOSH...SHOPLIFTING! I freaked out! I went running back into the store and I looked at the cashier and explained what happened and how sorry I was...they were very nice and understanding about it. However, I felt like a complete idiot! We ended up buying the used play set! MG will be getting an early birthday present sometime this week! We are really excited about! Pictures of that in the near future!

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Tank said...

Hah! Oh no! That must have been hilarious. I can't wait to see the new playground!!!