Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Christmas Blur

I have tried very hard to keep our blog up to date. However, these last few weeks have just come and gone in a blur. It has been so busy around here. Our Christmas was wonderful! I have managed to post it all backwards on here again. :( It took so long to upload all of these pictures that I decided if you want it in chronological order you will have to scroll all the way to the bottom first! Sorry! Our Christmas was like a progressive dinner...once it started we just kept changing house and the party lasted for five days! It was a total blast but absolutely exhausting at the same time.

Dec. 25th-27th: Madison~Lamb's Christmas

We got to the farm on Christmas morning for part III of Christmas! Bom and Boppa had come from NY and the Harrisons had come from Utah. Amber, Brian, and Tate had come from Amber's family and of course Steve was there! We were all together and the kids were both healthy, minus a little coughing and a bit of a runny nose. Nothing like last years awful stomach virus for McKenzie and Tate's super high fever that would not break. Tate and McKenzie are so cute when they play together. They just love each other. It is so sweet to watch them. It was so good to hang out with Bom and Boppa and the Harrisons. We never get to see them enough and it is never long enough either.

Mom's Turkey!

Aunt Kim being silly!

Mom, making gravy!

Nick, Kim, and Dad

Bom, Steve, and Boppa

Kim and Tim!!!

UB and Auntie Amber


Steve and his new singing Santa!

Alex, Nick, and Kim

Jason, Mom, Tate, and Mark

Throw it Bom!


UB being silly

MG finally woke up from her nap to open presents!

Look at her hair!

Tate liked MG's baby bottle!

Opening more presents

Who fell asleep first?

Bom and Jason

Aunt Amber reading to Kenz

After a long day and a huge meal...

Boppa and Tate

MG and her favorite aunt!

Such a sweet picture!

Snack time!

Holding hands!

Dec. 23rd-25th: Young Harris~Norton's Christmas

December 23rd we made our way to Young Harris to have part II of Christmas! Uncle Jeffrey arrived home the evening of the 23rd! We were all so excited to see him. McKenzie even got to stay up to see him. Jeff looks so good! He is so tan! You can tell just by the light in his eyes that he loves Africa and his work there. We are loving out time with him home though. However, it is quickly coming to an end. (He leaves this Friday to go back.) The morning of the 24th we had our Christmas with Jason's family. Then that afternoon the cousins from Florida came up to see Jeff so then we had presents with them. After presents we had a huge meal all together. It is always so much fun to hang out with the Perez clan. They are always so happy and so much fun! After another really long day of opening presents and eating until we were sick, it was off to bed. Christmas morning we got up and drove 3 hours to Madison.
Uncle Jeff just got home and was already in the party mix!

Such a tan boy...

Jason and Jared, his youngest brother


Kenzie and Papa

Jeff laughing

Too funny!

MG bear was with us every step of the way!

A new T-Ball set!
More unwrapping...
Curls, Curls, and more curls

McKenzie and her tricycle

Jeff brought Jason this shirt from the preacher in Africa that Jason met when he went to visist. He felt led to do a big dance with his new shirt on!

The cousins!
Jason, Jeff, Michelle, Jared, and Michael

Ba Ba


Megan and Jared

Tanta Nana (Diane, Kathy's sister)

Uncle Carlos (Diane's hubby)

Doll accessories!
MG making her way around opening everyones presents!

Taking some time to love on Ba Ba

Michelle opening her present!

Cute little MG

Ahhhh....feedign her new baby

Then having a drink of the bottle herself!


Grandpa, Baxter, and Jared

Kathy and Diane (sisters)


Playing with Tanta Nana

Dec. 22nd: Home~ Our Christmas

We did our Christmas with McKenzie on the morning of the 22nd. This was really our only time to do it because the next five days were were gone. On our "Christmas Eve" Jason and I explained to McKenzie that Santa would be coming to our house that night and that we needed to leave him some milk and cookies for a snack. It was so funny, when she was picking out which cookies to leave for him, she would take a bit of them herself and then put it on the plate for Santa. Jason and I thought it was too funny!
Our Christmas morning was really fun with McKenzie. She was really overwhelmed. For so long we were telling her NO, do not touch the presents. Then all of sudden we are telling her to unwrap all of them. She was a bit confussed but had a ball with it once she got going. Her big present was a kitchen. She did not want to unwrap any other gifts, she only wanted to play with her kitchen. She absolutely loves it! Everyone that comes over she takes by the hand into her playroom and cooks for them. It is so cute and so much fun!
McKenzie is at such a fun age right now. She has really started to talk over the last few weeks. She understands how to play pretend and she still loves her dolls too. She is quite the little mom and little cook in her kitchen. McKenzie is so funny and keeps us laughing all day long. You never know what she is going to say or do next!

McKenzie's cookies for Santa plate

Picking out which cookies she wants to leave for Santa!

Taking a bit and putting it on the plate!

Look closely at the snowman!

His head is missing!

Now for a bit of M & M cookie!

All ready for Santa! Even a carrot for the reindeer!

Christmas Morning~ Santa sure did come!

One more pic with the cookie plate!

Baxter is waiting for MG to wake up

Santa Came...he ate the cookies!

Looking over Christmas morning!

A big yawn before we start opening presents!

The kitchen!

Checking out all the stuff!

She likes the phone the best!

Opening some more...


T-Ball! Pink and Purple!

All Star!

Helpng mommy with her stocking!

New rubber boots! She had to put them on right away!

A new mixer for the kitchen!


Playing with the new toys!


Riding on the new 4 wheeler! MG loves to ride on this, however, she can't steer it yet! She only pushes the buttom until she hits something and then cals out, "Help, Peeze! (please)"

Every year for Christmas, Jason and I get each other an ornament. This is the one that he got me this year. I LOVE it! He is so creative!

As you can see, our Christmas was very eventful and very fun!

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