Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Favorite People

Aunt Martha (Amber) strikes again! Amber had asked me months ago to get her pictures of all of our family members and closest friends. She only would tell me that she was making McKenzie something for Christmas. So, for a while now we have been taking pictures and e-mailing them to her with no idea what she had up her sleeve. I could not wait to see what she was making for MG. Below is McKenzie opening her special present from Aunt Martha/ Amber!
About to open it!
It is a plastic container...

...written on it, it says, "My Favorite People"...

Inside are all of MG's family members and closest friends, as magnets!
Amber took the picture and cute it out in a square. Then, she put it on a piece of magnetic paper and cut out around the person, very closely. Next, she took ModgePodge and brushed that over the entire thing. Now, McKenzie has magnets to play with of all her favorite people!

Check this out! McKenzie LOVES it!

Even Baxter and Hutch are now magnets!

Bom even played magnets on the floor with MG!!
Aunt Amber is truly the greatest Aunt ever! She is so creative and McKenzie just loves her and all of her projects that she comes up with. McKenzie is so blessed to have such a special Aunt!


Laura said...

That is such a cool idea! I love those magnets. McKenzie sure has a talented aunt!

Amber said...

Awe - so sweet, I sure love my one and only niece!

Just incase you are looking for Hodge Podge, it is ModgePodge :) I love you Meg!