Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shopping for Baby

McKenzie is so fun these days! She is ever changing and growing and her little wheels are always spinning! This morning we were in the playroom and she took off her baby's clothes. She put the clothes in the bottom of the stroller and strapped her baby in naked.

The clothes in the basket of the her stroller!

After getting her baby all strapped in, she headed for the door. When I opened it, she walked right out pushing her naked baby. She pushed her all over the house. When she came back into the playroom she picked up the clothes from inside her basket and handed then to me to put on her baby, saying "On Pease (Please)." I asked MG if she had gone shopping to buy her baby some new clothes and she said, "Yeah!" I just busted out laughing! She took he baby's clothes off, pushed a naked baby around the house, and pretended she was shopping for new clothes for her baby, only to return to the playroom with the same clothes she started with and had me put them back on her baby. It was so funny! I can't believe that she is thinking like that already. McKenzie never misses a beat. She is always surprising me with what she says and does. It is so much fun being her MaMa!

Here is baby all dressed in her "new" outfit!

Now little MaMa is pushing a very nice, clothed baby!

Here are some random pictures from the last few days!

MG into my cookbooks, again! She is going to love to cook and I am so excited about it!

I was trying to bribe McKenzie with M&Ms to smile for the picture! That is what is in her mouth. It did not really work. However, I wanted to show off her outfit to Aunt Kim! She looks adorable in this! Good job!

Cute outfit and a mouth full of M&Ms!

We had to have hair combing 101 with DaDa!!

From the side, it's even better!

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Amber said...

That is awful, please send Jason to beauty school!