Thursday, January 14, 2010

The "Wa Wa" Song

McKenzie is at this stage right now where she can't make up her mind. But, when she does, she does and that is it. When we rock her before bed at night she wants you to sing to her. So, I sing the same songs every night and then put her to bed. Well the other night, I mixed it up a little with The Itsy Bitsy Spider! I have sung her that before but not in a while. Now, it is the only song she wants me to sing to her and she wants it over and over and over again! However, she calls it the wa wa (water) song. I am not sure where she got that from. I never called it that. The only thing I can come up with is that when it rains outside, (which it does here a lot lately), I have explained to her that we can't go outside that it is raining and there is water outside now. So, I guess she put the words of the song together with that information and now The Itsy Bitsy Spider is the Wa Wa song! It is so amazing to me how children can make associations like that and they really make sense.

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Tank said...

Hah! McKenzie is so smart. Give her my love and sing the Wawa song!