Friday, January 8, 2010

S*N*O*W* D*A*Y*

Last night we got a much predicted surprise...SNOW!! Snow is a really big deal down here and we never really get much so we get real excited about just a little! However, our county was not ready for this and none of the road are cleared and it is dangerous to be driving today. The schools all around here are all closed also! We went outside to play for just a little while this morning. We wrapped McKenzie up really warm and took her out! She loved it! She kept saying, more, more! She wanted to keep being pushed down the hill!

This snow has brought us another wonderful unexpected surprise! Jeffrey is staying an extra day! There is no way we could have gotten him to the airport today. They have closed one of our main roads in town. He was supposed to fly back this morning to Africa but he will stay until tomorrow now. We are so excited for one more day with him! McKenzie has gone crazy over him. I am not sure what she will do when he leaves. McKenzie just loves playing with him! It is so cute, she takes him by the hand and says play and off they go to the playroom! This snow has been a nice blessing in the New Year!

All ready to go out!

Yes, McKenzie is using a plastic lid as a sled! We do not have sleds here!!

MG and Uncle Jeffrey

Uncle Jeffrey

The snow brings out everyone in the neighborhood! So much fun!

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Amber said...

But the newyorker in you things to sled - we just walked around :)