Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This afternoon Jason's grandparents came over to hang out with us and visit with Jeff one last time before he returns to Africa. I am not sure how much time they spent with Jeff, but McKenzie got lots of time. Granny and McKenzie were in the playroom with Uncle Jeff for hours today! They were cooking and playing dolls! Here are so pics from the day!

McKenzie's Great-Granny

MG and her dolls!

Bare feet always...

This is McKenzie's new favorite place...Da Da's desk...This is where I found her the other day. She knows that she gets in trouble for being in here and when I walked in she said, No, No, No. She did not want to go to time-out. She looked so cute I took her picture and let her of the hook!

Look at this smile...she is hard to scold sometimes!

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