Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of Preschool

First Day of Preschool....
this is what McKenzie wanted to wear!

Today was McKenzie Grace's first day of preschool! I can't believe it! She is already 17 months today also! What a big day for her it was. When I got to her classroom and dropped her off, she cried and cried. It made me feel so bad. She looked back at me like, where are you going Mom? Her teacher handed me a bag when I handed McKenzie to her. When I got back to the car and looked inside the bag there was a package of tissues, Hershey hugs and kisses, and a flamingo (McKenzie is in the flamingo classroom) that said "Mom's first Day" on it. It was so sweet! When I returned to pick her up her teachers told me she did fine. Which I hope she really did. McKenzie was sitting in a buy buy buggy when I got there and she saw me outside the door and smiled and said "Ma Ma, Ma Ma." It was so sweet!
While she was in school Cookie and I had a nice breakfast and then went to the mall. It was a great way to wrap up our visit together. After picking up MG we headed to the airport to take Cookie back. Tomorrow Daddy will be home! We are so excited to see him! He was so sad about missing McKenzie's first day of school.

McKenzie and Mommy just before she got dropped off.

After her first big tired!


Amber said...

Awe and she even wore a bow - good girl!

Tank said...

Beautiful! I am glad she had a great first day. What a big step!