Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Say My Name...

A few posts ago I shared how McKenzie can say Katie's name. Ever since that night Lobello and Heider have been very upset that she does not say their names too. (I know Katie is the easiest to say!) However, it has been really funny to watch Lobello and Heider thy their hardest to say their name next! So Monday after Preschool, McKenzie and I meet Lobello and Heider for lunch at Moe's. Now, Heider knows about McKenzie's love of cookies. So after she was finished eating her lunch Heider asked MG if she wanted a cookie. Of course she patted her little chest to say please and said the word "cookie." (The only word she says as plain as Ma Ma or Da Da!) So Heider goes to the counter and buys her a cookie. As he is giving it to her he says, "McKenzie say Heider!" So McKenzie just looks at him. Meanwhile, Lobello and I are just laughing our heads off that Heider is going to such lengths to have his name said next. MG ate the cookie and never said Heider!

Last night we had supper club at our house and Katie, Lobello, and Heider came. Katie and Lobello arrived first. McKenzie said Katie a few times and Lobello was practicing her name just as Heider walks into the house. Heider walks in carrying a small box from the Publix bakery. Inside the box, he has bought one huge cookie, with the word HEIDER written in blue icing! It was so funny we all lost it. Again, MG enjoyed part of the cookie after dinner and never said Heider! Below, you will see the cookie and MG's face after eating it! Too funny! We really do have the best friends!

The "HEIDER" Cookie

Look at this blue face and fingers!

"Now let me tell you..."

Cookies make MG do silly things!
She loves to put bowls on her head!

McKenzie is putting on a show with crazy faces during dessert!

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Tank said...

Preca! I cannot believe I get to see you and MG in less than three months! I am counting down the days already. Love you!!