Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Imagine It

Yesterday, Cookie and I took McKenzie to Imagine It. It is a place where kids can go to have fun and explore! It is a really cool place. There is a pond where McKenzie put on a raincoat and went fishing! A huge sandbox with moon sand which is like sand but sticks together like clay. Very cool! Then McKenzie's all time favorite was the shopping area. It begins like you are in a field and all the crops are there. Then you move into a grocery store and can grocery shop! McKenzie loved this but could not understand that all the food was plastic and put it all in her mouth to try. It looked so real! Then after the grocery shopping was finished she could check out at the register! She did not understand this at all but it was cute to watch her play with it. After the shopping was finished she took her cart to the kitchen where she played and played! I defiantly think a kitchen is in her future! My little baker! There is also a dress up area with tap shoes but they were all too big for McKenzie. There is an area for painting on the walls, a huge ball area, and a train table also. So much to do there for little kids! It was a very fun day and McKenzie loved it! I can't wait to take her back when Daddy can come too! McKenzie fishin'

Playing in the moon sand

The Kitchen

"I think pineapple was on my list!"

Checkin' out the what is in the cart

Grocery Shopping!

"Which one should I buy?"

The giant Banana slide!

The entrance to farm

The video below is hilarious! There was a little show going on and McKenzie
did not want to sit and watch it. She wanted to dance to it. That was until she
spotted a little mixed boy with curly hair. She went right up to him and rubbed
his hair...not once but twice. She is so fast. It was so funny! We left that
section after the second rub of his hair!

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