Saturday, September 26, 2009

U.B. and the Twins

September 26th...a big day in the life of my family. Twenty-one years ago today my older brother, Brian (McKenzie's U.B.) was 10 years old. It was today that he was hit by a car at 55 miles per hour, flew 140 feet over the telephone wires and landed helplessly on the road. Today is not a sad day for my family...rather very happy! I still have my brother Brian! Sept. 26th was just his accident day not his death day! God chose to heal him because He had great plans for him. Brian is doing amazing things with his life. He recently quit his job as a landscape architect to follow his new dream of being a personal trainer. He now works at a gym and teaches people how to work out and lose weight! Brian also is a Youth Leader at his church which is one of the biggest churches in GA. He takes time out of his days to play with his guys, teach them about Christ, and be a positive role model for them. Brian is also a wonderful husband and father to our sweet little Tater! I love him very much and I am so glad that I still have him! Thank you God for giving Brian a second chance at life because you were not done with him yet!

That is not where this story ends. One year to the day of Brian's accident, again September 26th my twin cousins were born! They are both girls! However, the first one born was named Brittany Erin after my brother, Brian Eric. Caitlin is the second twin! They are both in college now and today they are celebrating their 20th birthday! Happy Birthday Britt and Cait! Love you lots! We will never forget September 26th, it is a happy reminder every year that the power of prayer is real and that miracles can and do happen!


Tank said...

What a great story. Thank you for sharing!

michael sharp said...

I was also hit by a car at 55 mph. I have not found anyone else who survived such an accident. The car was a 1976 4000 pound olds cutlass supreme. I was riding my bicycle and on impact my left hand was crushed and the back wheel that shattered went through my left calf muscle to the bone. I suffered a severe whiplash. Traumatic brain injury, head split open. My chin severely bruised my sternum, i broke 4 teeth and the fragment shredded my tounge. Many more injuries. I am going to die from the accident. Medicine that gives me a little bit of life are destroying my heart, liver and kineys. I was 19 when the accident happened. I am 52 now with a poor prognosis with no options left.