Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bye Bye

Well today we told Jason bye bye! He is on his way to Africa to visit Jeffrey! Please say a little prayer for him for a safe trip! It is a long flight and flying that far can get very boring! He is so excited! I got everything to fit into his two suitcases which was not an easy task. He could have 100 lbs. of luggage and when he checked into the Delta desk he had 99 lbs! I am so proud of my packing skills!

Tonight McKenzie and I went to eat with Supper Club. When we were leaving Katie went to tell McKenzie bye and McKenzie looked right at Katie and said bye bye Ka. It was so sweet! No one told her to say that, she did it all by herself! Katie and I looked at each other and just started clapping and screaming. It was so exciting! McKenzie loves Katie...and Lobello...and Eric....and Tiff!

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