Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yellow Daisy Festival...round 2

Well, last Saturday we went to the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain for the second year in a row. It was really fun! It was much harder this year to look at everything because McKenzie wanted to keep moving in her stroller. Then she got to her breaking point and just started to meltdown. She was melting down just as we rounded the corner of a musician selling his piano Cd's. She cried until we let her out of the stroller. She walked right up to the speaker where this man was playing his CD from and just touched it! McKenzie then walked right to the middle of the path where everyone was walking and began to dance. Her dancing is so cute! It is more of a sway from side to side! I tried to get her out of the middle of the path but she would not hear of it. She walked right back to the middle. It was so funny! After a few minutes of dancing she was good to go and got back into the stroller and we were off again!

MG Dancin'

Dancin' some more!

MG loved these swings made out of tires!

Da Da and MG

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