Friday, September 4, 2009

MG's New Car

Our neighbors across the street have a little girl that is one year old than McKenzie. Lauren has outgrown this little car so they have given it to us to barrow! McKenzie loves it! She loves to ride in it, push it, and of course look under the hood!

Ride time!

Push time!

Checkin' on the engine!


Gettin' in the new ride!
Jason called us from Africa today! He is doing great! Jeffrey and him are having a blast! They have visited a tea farm, elephant orphanage, seen giraffes, and petted a cheetah! Super fun! Jason said it was very different there and the traffic and the drivers are absolutely crazy!
McKenzie and I are off to the airport now to pick up Cookie!! Yeah, she comes today! :)


Jason said...

so sweet. i miss you both like crazy!

Tank said...

So beautiful! That is so nice of your neighbors to let y'all borrow. I have had such a blast with Jason. Thanks for sending home to visit me! I wish I could pack in the suitcase and come visit!! Love y'all.