Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Remembering the Rainbow...

...And the promise that the Earth will never flood again! Well, we have had some rain here in the sunny South! Sunday night we got over 5 inches of rain. (Which was not a lot when other places in our county got 20 inches in 24 hours!) Our roof leaked some but Jason was able to get into the attic and place a bucket on plywood to stop the dripping. We do have a water spot on our closet ceiling where it was dripping. We had 8 or 9 places in the basement that were moist but no "real" water inside. We never lost power! However, we just got our cable, Internet, and home phone back tonight. We are still waiting on water. Jason called the water company today and they said it may be Friday before we have water. In the meantime, the dishes in the sink get higher and higher and so does the pile of laundry! Just putting the dishes in the sink makes for a real easy clean up! We went today and took showers at the Slocumbs' house. It felt so good to be clean again! We have lots of food and we are just riding it out! I am hoping for water soon though...I just about can't stand not flushing the toilet. That just grosses me out! I will days without a shower, but no toilet...Boo! McKenzie is doing just fine and does not even realize anything is out of the norm. We just keep changing her diapers! Lucky girl! I will keep you all posted on our water situation. You never know how convenient it is until it is gone. However, we are very lucky that we are just missing water. Lots of people have lost everything, even loved ones. Check out the pictures below. We took them today on the way to take showers. This is our road. It is about 1/2 mile from our neighborhood entrance.

Muddy, muddy water...

The water is just beyond the trees.

This picture is showing the culverts that were once under
the road that the water flowed through.

Here is the road...enough said! We are
very lucky! This is our road
about 1/2 mile from our neighborhood

McKenzie and Brock riding this pony during
our shower time at the Slocumb household!

And...they fell off!

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Tank said...

that is out of control! i am glad y'all were safe and sound at home. that road looks awful. I can't believe I will be seeing you in less than three months!!!! Love y'all.